A pallet jack is an excellent piece of machinery that plays many roles in an industrial and distribution setting.

What is a Pallet Jack?

A pallet jack is a piece of equipment that is commonly used in industries like distribution. They are characterised by two long platforms to carry the goods that are being transported and a lever to steer and control it. They are extremely durable and are commonly used for transporting pallets and boxes.

How Pallet Jacks Can Aid in the Distribution Process

Whether you are publishing a novel or a magazine, if you want to distribute your product you’re going to need to find the right channel to do so. Chances are that you will have a large warehouse or storage facility that will hold your books that are ready to be sold.


Some of the advantages of using a pallet jack in the distribution industry include;

Quicker Process with a Pallet Jack

You can help make the distribution process faster by using a pallet jack. Getting boxes from one side of the warehouse and then actually loading it onto the truck can be strenuous and workers may also get tired out quicker.

Decreased Risk of Stock Damage

Pallet jacks are specially designed to carry stock that is stacked up on top of each other. You would likely be able to get 2-3 boxes of stock onto a single pallet jack at one time, you wouldn’t be able to get one person to carry 2-3 boxes without putting them or the stock at risk of accident or injury. If a box were to get dropped, there is a strong chance that some stock may get bashed or dented, which could make it unsellable.

Different Variations

There are different variations of the pallet jack, some are solely for transporting but some have the added loading feature, making loading boxes of stock onto a lorry or a truck easier than it has ever been.

Cheaper Solution

Compared to other distribution equipment, such as a forklift, a pallet jack is a cheaper solution. This can help you save money but still get the job done.